Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Having a website is an important step to your business' success since the rise of the internet. It changed the way we think to some level because not only do we use it to communicate and advertise, but it's become part of our society and culture.

Here at Alpa Productions, we strive to bring your message across to the local public as well as to the entire world since the web has no boundaries or borders. We believe that your success is also our success and we do our best to make that happen for all our clientele. We appreciate it when our clients refer us to others or when we get their testimonials. This is why we maintain our relationships with all our customers and make sure that they are completely satisfied with the final product.

Web Development

Fresh Website Design/Re-design & Development.

Alpa Productions offers current, high-quality, accessible, standards-compliant website design and development. We know how important your online presence is and we work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your website. Whether you want a simple, clean looking website with just a few pages or a full-blown web application, Alpa Productions' experienced team can help you meet your goals. Drop us a line today and we'll show you all the options you need to know to make an informed decision.

Flash Design

Custom Flash Interactive Websites, Galleries, Slideshows, and more.

Flash websites, animations, slideshows, galleries, banners, and more can spice up your site with right amount used or they way it is used. Our experience with the different Flash and ActionScript versions enables us to create anything from simple to complicated projects such as music players, video players, flash games, XML image galleries and slideshows and much more (Editing existing flash files also available). The web will always use flash and we specialize in building you complete projects from scratch. Ask us for more details.

CMS & Blogs

WordPress/Joomla custom themes and much more.

Content Management Systems (CMSs) and blogs have become very popular with the introduction of a few of the most ubiquitous projects such as Joomla, WordPress (both originated from Vancouver, Canada), and other platforms. Alpa Productions offers custom theme designs or a full re-design of your blog or websites. The options are endless to what you can accomplish with the right plug-ins to help you with search engine optimization, spam control, Google AdSense placement, email subscribers, editing your own site at ease, and much more.

What We Use

We prefer to use methods that are proven to work and this methodology may change as time passes by depending on the tools we have today but we know that we will always keep up and excel with the latest trends. We like to use Javascript for certain elements and tasks because it has been and always will be part of the web and our preferred choice is without a doubt, jQuery! It has become the most popular library for animations, slideshows and much more (also popular and easy to use is MooTools, Prototype, and other Javascript frameworks (comparison table at Wikipedia).
Flash uses Action Script language which is not that different from Javascript and we always adapt to its change (to ActionScript 3 - AS3 with Adobe CS4 and CS5) so we currently uses AS2 (ActionScript2) and some AS3 as well in all of our projects depending on the scope.

We use the four major browsers for testing our work (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari) on both platforms, Mac and Windows. We also test the sites on a few of the popular hand-held mobile devices (Apple iPhone, Google Android, and Blackberry) and that covers the majority of people who browse on the net so feel safe that your website reaches the most audience the way they are suppose to.

Mobile Devices Support

Google Android, Apple iPhone, Blackberry

There are more and more mobile and hand held devices these days that use and depend the web and act as mini notebooks/laptops such as the Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Google's Android running on multiple hardware (HTC, Sony Ericson, and more), Symbian, and other systems. Big companies such as Google and CNN have turned their websites into a more user friendly version for the mobile and hand-held devices and we believe that most or all sites should follow that pattern sooner or later because more people are choosing smart phones as they get stronger, cheaper, and better as time passes by. Contact us to see what we can provide for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO techniques have evolved vastly in the last few years and will continue to do so because the internet is always changing to become more users friendly. There are many companies out there that promise to have your site placed in the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's Bing search results and some most of them manage to do so but only for a short period of time. We are here to help you establish your site/business in the major search engines and keep your site in the top results for as long as possible. Many simple steps are proven to be most effective when it comes to SEO and we try to implement all of those plus advanced SEO strategies to get your business out there and ahead of the competition so you can get more traffic to your site which means, more business!

Icon Design

Icon Designs

Icons are being used more and more on the web and mobile devices for design and usability reasons. Glossy icons especially have improved and gotten more popular since the start of the new millennium and you may notice the difference between a well design and though of icon and other icons. There are companies that are dedicated to building and selling icons only so we're not here to market that aspect, instead we provide this service as another part of our ever growing company so if you are interested in getting the most out of this service, please consult with us today.

Wallpaper & Screen Savers Design

Computer wallpaper (background images) and screen savers are a nice touch to personalize your desktop. There are many free solutions out there but what we provide is COSTUMIZATION! You might spend hours and maybe even days trying to find the right photo/image to display as your computer wallpaper (Windows, Mac, and Mobile) and the same goes for your screensavers. We can turn your own photos into something amazing that you can always display on your personal computer and share with your friends and family. We don't use templates because we believe every project is unique and that's why choosing us is worth it.

Your professionalism spoke to me the minute I walked into your office. I had already heard good things about you and after the website you designed and created for me, it felt that this was a complete experience. Your tools helped accomplish the end result but it was you that came up with the idea and put it all together. It does take a professional to excel in this type of work. Thank you for all your efforts. Melanie Robertson